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Update of the site list for the atmospheric pressure loading service

Dear colleagues,

   I have recomputed the atmospheric pressure loading for 141 additional
sites. Effective of 2008.05.01., the atmospheric pressure loading service
provides times series for 824 sites from 1976.01.01 through present.
File names and their location was not changed. The site list is available
at http://lacerta.gsfc.nasa.gov/aplo/vsgd.inp
More information can be found at http://gemini.gsfc.nasa.gov/aplo

   1) Site is NOT station. If more than one station is located within 3000
      meters from the site reference point, pressure loading only for 
      the site is computed.

   2) Site name serves only as a label. It may or may not coincide with
      the name of GPS or VLBI station. One should not try to interpret 
      this name or match it against known acronyms. Site coordinates should
      be used for site identification.

Leonid Petrov
01-MAY-2008 07:54:52

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