International Mass Loading Service: Land Water Storage Loading


The Earth as a whole responses to external forces as an elastic body. Changes of the continental water contents in soil, snow cover, and canopy exerts variable pressure of water that causes crust deformations. These deformations may reach several centimeters. Land water storage loading should be taken into account in a reduction of astronomical and space geodesy observations when the accuracy better than 2 nrad or 1 cm is required.

Service for the land water storage loading

On 2013.06.01 the service of land water storage loading was established. The service provides

Download pre-computed time series

Download pre-computed harmonic variations of displacements

Compute time series of land water storage loading on-demand  

You can order computation of the time series for the stations of your interest. You need to prepare a station file in plain ascii that has four columns separated by one or more blanks:

Station_name    X-coordinate    Y-coordinate    Z-coordinate   

Station name should have no more than 8 characters. X,Y,Z are carthesian coordinates of the station of interest in a crust-fixed coordinates system. Units are meters. Here is an example.

  MERRA2     from 19800101_0000     through 20240601_2100
  GEOSFPIT     from 20000101_0030     through 20240717_0630
  Time series harmonics coefficients
  Center of mass Center of figure
Start date:     Format: YYYY.MM.DD_hh:mm:ss
Stop date:     Format: YYYY.MM.DD_hh:mm:ss
Station file:
E-mail address: Optional

Results of on-demand computations are accessible from here.


This work was supported by NASA Earth Surface & Interior program, grant NNX12AQ29G.

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