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Change of the model for non-tidal mass loading

Dear colleagues,

  The ocean circulation model OMCT-05 that was used by the International Mass 
Loading Serive for computation of the non-tidal loading in the past was 
discontinued in November 2017. New MPIOM06 model became available in 2018 
that superseeds the old OMCT model. The Internaional Mass Loading Service 
completed transition from OMCT to MPIOM in June 2018. The MPIOM06 has a higher 
resolution and much better latency ( refer to 
http://massloading.net/plots/latency_nto_mpiom06.html ). The old OMCT05 time 
series are still availalbe but will be removed after 2019.01.01.

  More information about MPIOM can be found here:

Dobslaw, H., Bergmann-Wolf, I., Dill, R., Poropat, L., Thomas, M., Dahle,
C., Esselborn, S., Koenig R. & Flechtner, F. (2017).
A New High-Resolution Model of Non-Tidal Atmosphere and Ocean
Mass Variability for De-Aliasing of Satellite Gravity Observations:
AOD1B RL06, Geophys. J. Int., 211, 263--269, DOI:10.1093/gji/ggx302


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