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The major upgrade of International Mass Loading Service

Dear colleagues,

  I would like to announce the major upgrade of the International
Mass Loading Service. The mass loading service is in a transition
from the third to the fourth generation. In brief, the new algorithm
computes the mass loading on a dense global 2'x2' regular grid
using direct and inverse vector spherical harmonic transform, and 
then interpolates. This approach improves the accuracy of loading 
computation near the coastal line and allows to compute loading
for a virtually unlimited number of stations and for satellite 
altimetery. More details can be found in 

  There is no many user-visible changes. Three are worth mentioning:
1) a removal of MERRA-1, NOAH025, and GEOS-FP models and adding
MERRA-2 model; 2) replacement of ocean tide models got-48 with got-410c
and fes2012 with fes2014b; 3) changes in the file naming convention.

  Although the user-visible changes are minor, the underlying 
infrastructure (over 3 million files, 18Tb) that us under the hood 
is completely refactored.

  At the moment, the 4th generation mass loading service is running
at the secondary server http://alt.massloading.net 
I am going to upgrade the main server http://massloading.net 
next week (June 24-30, 2017). During that work, the domain name 
massloading.net will be redirected to http://alt.massloading.net , 
i.e. to the new service. The domain name will be restored when the 
transition will be completed.

  I will make all efforts to make the transition smoothly. If you 
encounter any problem, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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