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Atmospheric pressure loading service re-organization

Dear colleagues,

  The web page of the atmospheric pressure loading has been updated. The
web pages has links to new time series of the pressure loading. The new series
are for 560 sites instead of 200 and includes GPS stations as well. The scheme
of site names was changed since there are GPS sites which have the same
dome number but are at a distance more than 10 km. Instead of using dome numbers
the new scheme uses either 8 letter IVS Site name, or 4 letter GPS site name or
the first 8 characters of an SLR site name. The old Web page was renamed to
http://gemini.gsfc.nasa.gov/aplo/aplo_old.shtml . The URLs with the old pressure 
loading series are still valid. The old time series will be updated till
2004.09.22 and then will be purged.

Leonid Petrov
31-AUG-2004 17:52:08

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